*TBD* (read: Shit That Ain’t Finished)

My #1 frustration with the FF is:

the ever-growing list of Things To (finish) Do(ing).

Take, for example, the kitchen ceiling.

When we bought our humble abode, there was a ceiling of sorts, but it sagged and was pieced together from panels of some sort of thin plywood (think: lauan) complete with non-descript trim pieces to give it a “finished” look.  Sadly, the screws that were used to secure said trim gave it a decidedly ONDIY* effect.

After about a year of feeling all Alice-in-Wonderlandy (as time wore on, the room seemed to be shrinking around us) Mr. Snarque took it upon himself to address the situation and removed the offending panels.

We lived with the exposed joists and support beams for eight years.  They’re old, so they definitely added to a certain dark and gloomy rustic flair to the heart of our Funky Farmhouse.  That is, until Mr. Snarque decided to replace the ceiling with the sheetrock he’d been squirreling away in our tumbledown garage.

He embarked on this quest during the second half of 2008.

apparently, we ran out of drywall screws.

and joint tape

and beer.

And each day that passes draws us ever closer to its completion.  Or our death.  Whichever comes first.

*see Glossary


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